Friday, December 12, 2008

Acer Aspire One 3G laptop $99 at Radio Shack

As of the 14th of December, Radio Shack will offer an ultra-lightweight mobile laptop that incorporates 3G wireless technology for the very low price of just $99.00 on signing up to AT&T for a period of two years

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unboxing Pictures: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is an arc slider mobile phone delivering a premium, converged mobile experience addressing web communication and multimedia entertainment.

The XPERIA X1 runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1, an open platform and applications designed for X1 will run on other Windows Mobile 6.1 devices with the same screen resolution and hardware features. The XPERIA X1 combines a 800×480 pixel WVGA touchscreen, a wide-pitch full QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, A-GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera and 400MB user free memory in a quality metal-finish body. The Java ME Platform is also supported with CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0 and other JSRs.

Exclusive to Sony Ericsson, the XPERIA panel user interface on the desktop gives access to different options using finger-tip navigation and is configurable by the end-user. The XPERIA X1 seamlessly integrates interaction between the touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, 4-way key and optical joystick.

2 New XpressMusic Handsets launched by Nokia

Nokia has added two more devices to its music range of handsets: the 5220 and the 5320 XpressMusic. "Today's additions to the XpressMusic range up the ante with new ways for consumers to access their media, as well as interact and share content with friends and communities anytime, anywhere," said Jo Harlow, Vice President, LIVE category, Nokia.The 5320 features 3G social entertainment capabilities with Web 2.0 access. A new voice-controlled Say and Play feature lets you say the name of an artist or song to play it. Like other XpressMusic handsets, the 5320 also has dedicated music keys, and thankfully a 3.5mm audio jack. According to Nokia, the handset can deliver up to 24 hours of playback time.Other features include an audio chip for hi-fi sound quality, extendable memory up to 8GB, HS-USB for fast music transfer, and HSDPA for fast access to data. This loaded handset has a full-featured Internet browser, access to Ovi, and Nokia Search 4.1, which allows users to find and share media content and information. It also allows for N-Gage gaming in the convenient landscape mode.
The other handset (Nokia 5220 XpressMusic) seems to have a bit of a lopsided design. No, it's not your eyes playing tricks; the phone is actually designed that way. It has a built-in lanyard that makes it easy to carry around. Other features include dedicated XpressMusic keys, a 3.5mm audio jack, and support for external memory via microSD cards.

These handsets are equipped with 2 megapixel cameras and FM radios. Both are compatible with the recently launched Nokia Music Store, where consumers can choose from more than 2 million tracks and browse, download, stream and sync, either to a PC or side-load directly to a mobile device.Nokia 5320 and 5220 XpressMusic are expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2008 with estimated retail prices of Rs 13,980 (€220) and Rs 10,166 (€160) respectively, before taxes and subsidies