Monday, October 1, 2007

Fresh new Sony Ericsson Z750 pics and hands on video

Finally some fresh new pics of the stylish Sony Ericsson Z750. It seems like ages ago that this phone was announced and it kinda disappeared for quite a while. It recently got approved by the FCC, both the international version and the US version. The Z750 is a worthy upgrade over the Z610 and I think this is what the Z610 should have been from the start. The new purple color is very attractive. The Z750 has a larger screen, HSDPA and FM radio. One very interesting feature is it's built in GPS features. It doesn't actually have a GPS antenna built in but rather GPS software and Google maps built in. It even has it's own icon and is labelled location services. It also features the new Walkman and media gallery UI. Bring it on...

Samsung G800 official pics

Here are the official pics of the G800 from Samsung. This is the latest and currently greatest 5 mega pixel camera phone offering from Samsung. The phone looks great in these pics and in the live pics. If this phone can snap good shots, then Nokia and Sony Ericsson will have some good competition.

Protecting your baby from potentially harmful EMR/Electro-Smog

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® - Protection for baby that looks good and feels great!

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® can be worn as an under-garment when out and about, or as an outer garment for comfort at home. The fabric is cut to stretch naturally as baby grows and MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® can be worn from before conception right through to birthing. If your healthy baby grows too big for comfortable wear of your MummyWraps® garment, just order another in a larger size, or be prepared, buy two sizes now and take advantage of our 10% discount offer.

How do they work?

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® use Swiss Shield® conductive-fabric technology to achieve effective minimisation of the dangerous effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation). A sophisticated and gossamer-thin silver-coated thread is invisibly integrated into Swiss Shield® fabric and forms a close-woven shielding grid. This fine protective grid acts like a mirror to deflect electromagnetic radiation, giving MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® their unique protection effect.

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® will minimise baby's exposure to harmful EMR from many common sources such as cellphones, TV and radio transmitters, and electric fields from power lines and appliances. And best of all, although Swiss-Shield® feels incredibly soft - just like cotton fabric, MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® comfort and durability are further enhanced by enclosing this special protective material between two layers of soft and gentle polycotton.

Giorgio Armani Samsung handset with built-in rape alarm could save your life

The Giorgio Armani Samsung handset, unveiled at Milan Fashion Week before the designer's spring-summer fashion show, uses cutting edge technology to ensure the world's most safety-conscious mobile. The credit card size designer mobile phone comes with an in-built 'rape alarm' function which can be activated from a pocket or even handbag. Described as a 'ground-breaking' achievement, the new phone automatically sends an SOS text message to five pre-programmed family or friend phone numbers, alerting them to danger. By pressing an easy-to-locate volume control button four times in quick succession - which can be done through jeans or any heavy material including leather - an automated emergency text is sent. Received within seconds, the recipient can then call the phone, allowing them to gauge the situation and respond accordingly by calling the police. From here, the mobile's GPS tracker system can be activated to locate the owner's exact position.

Giorgio Armani Samsung handset also has a tracker system which significantly improves the chances of recovery if the phone is lost or stolen. Once the SIM card is removed and replaced from a stolen handset, a secret SMS is sent to three pre-set numbers containing the new phone number of the unauthorized user and thus helping to track the lost device.

Just 10 millimetres wide, Giorgio Armani Samsung handset weighs less than a Mars bar and comes with a host of other innovative features including a 3-megapixel camera, full internet access and 'uGo' - an adaptive interface that automatically responds to the user's environments. Displaying a landmark picture of the owner's local city, the picture adjusts to display depending on whether it is day or night. The £375 Giorgio Armani Samsung handset costs approximately $758.

Nokia 6500 slider spotted in all black

I don't remember seeing, reading or hearing about an all black Nokia 6500 slider. Whatever the case, here are pics of it in all black and me likes. I think this version looks way better than the silver/black combo. The phone also somehow manages to look more smaller, compact and sleeker. I just love that black brushed metal..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Samsung smartphone with touchscreen hands on video

Here is a brief hands on video on the new Samsung smartphone that is powered by Windows Mobile and features a touchscreen and mouse track ball navigation. The phone looks awesome.

Another Chinese iPhone ripoff

It's quite amazing how the iPhone name gets continually ripped off. This phone has no resemblance with the iPhone or anything Apple for that matter (maybe only the white color). The phone is an iPhone on the front and iPhono on the back. The phone features a 2.3 inch 260K QVGA screen, 1.3 mega pixel camera, microSD support, measures 107×50×15mm and weighs 90 grams. The phone appears to have touch sensitive keys below the screen.

Nokia Beta labs-Conversation

Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your conversations, organized by individual contacts. In addition, the application provides an easy way for replying to messages, and to continue the conversations.

After installation, the application will appear in your device as an application shortcut, and as a new tab in your Contacts application.

Installation instructions
You have to install two separate files in the order specified below. Also, we recommend that you use the latest software available for your device.

[click here for download]

Nokla N77

Here is yet another Nokia N77 clone. It is called the NOKLA N77 but I don't see NOKLA printed anywhere on the phone like their other clones. The phone features a 1.3 mega pixel camera, stereo speakers, 2.4 inch 260K color QVGA touchscreen, measures 108×48×18 mm and weighs 90 grams.


built in GPS
4.8 inch 1024x600 resolution
fingerprint scanner
expected to ship next year

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Samsung 3G Music Player Phone

Samsung F330
- dedicated music keys
- 1 GB internal storage
- microSD support
- 2.1 inch QVGA 260K screen
- UMTS/3.6 Mbps HSDPA
- 2 mega pixel camera
- bluetooth stereo

Motorola Moto ROKR E8

Earlier, we had a taste of the brand spanking new ROKR E8. Now, here is the full set of pics showing us the E8 from almost every direction. The whole front of the phone lights up and the keypad area can morph from keypad to media player keys. Very nice idea and implementation. Bravo Motorola! The phone features a Linux OS, microSD support, 2 mega pixel camera, QVGA screen, micro USB, 3.5 mm jack and a morphing keypad. Nice...Enjoy the pics!