Monday, October 1, 2007

Protecting your baby from potentially harmful EMR/Electro-Smog

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® - Protection for baby that looks good and feels great!

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® can be worn as an under-garment when out and about, or as an outer garment for comfort at home. The fabric is cut to stretch naturally as baby grows and MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® can be worn from before conception right through to birthing. If your healthy baby grows too big for comfortable wear of your MummyWraps® garment, just order another in a larger size, or be prepared, buy two sizes now and take advantage of our 10% discount offer.

How do they work?

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® use Swiss Shield® conductive-fabric technology to achieve effective minimisation of the dangerous effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation). A sophisticated and gossamer-thin silver-coated thread is invisibly integrated into Swiss Shield® fabric and forms a close-woven shielding grid. This fine protective grid acts like a mirror to deflect electromagnetic radiation, giving MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® their unique protection effect.

MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® will minimise baby's exposure to harmful EMR from many common sources such as cellphones, TV and radio transmitters, and electric fields from power lines and appliances. And best of all, although Swiss-Shield® feels incredibly soft - just like cotton fabric, MummyWraps with Swiss Shield® comfort and durability are further enhanced by enclosing this special protective material between two layers of soft and gentle polycotton.

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Jared said...

I don't understand why some people would avoid such a topic. Babies are vulnerable enough as it is without EMF lurking about.