Monday, October 1, 2007

Fresh new Sony Ericsson Z750 pics and hands on video

Finally some fresh new pics of the stylish Sony Ericsson Z750. It seems like ages ago that this phone was announced and it kinda disappeared for quite a while. It recently got approved by the FCC, both the international version and the US version. The Z750 is a worthy upgrade over the Z610 and I think this is what the Z610 should have been from the start. The new purple color is very attractive. The Z750 has a larger screen, HSDPA and FM radio. One very interesting feature is it's built in GPS features. It doesn't actually have a GPS antenna built in but rather GPS software and Google maps built in. It even has it's own icon and is labelled location services. It also features the new Walkman and media gallery UI. Bring it on...

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