Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fujitsu announced the ultra-portable laptop LifeBook U810

Fujitsu released new portable laptop Fujitsu LifeBook T2010. This ultraportable laptop weighs only 0.73 kg and is equipped with 12.1 ” display.

The laptop is also equipped with processor Core 2 Duo U7600r (1.2GHz) / U7500 (1.06GHz) with low energy consumption, 965GM chipset, up to 4GB RAM, 1GB Intel Turbo Memory, Video GMA X3100 with 384MB, display back-lit illumination (1600 x 1200 pixels), 160GB hard drive, 32GB SSD, a / b / g / n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery capable of up to 11 hours and the windows operating system Vista.
Fujitsu LifeBook T2010 has already appeared on the market for $ 1,909.

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