Monday, July 2, 2007

Barbie Girl: 512MB MP3 Player for Tweens

As part of its plan to "revolutionize the way girls play," Mattel will release a hybrid fashion doll MP3 player this July named the Barbie Girl. The 4.5-inch device's storage capacity (512MB) is expandable with miniSD cards up to 2GB, more than enough for tweens to store all of their favorite MP3 and WMA-sans-DRM tunes.

The $60 player will ship with a belt clip, earbuds, and some sort of storage case that we assume will be able to accommodate at least one of the optional $10 accessory packs, which enhance both the standard doll and virtual world aspects of the device. The packs will include pets and various accessories to dress up the doll (not sure how this works unless they're snap-on pieces) and also enable Barbie Girl to somehow "unlock" exclusive content at today's globally launched website.

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