Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rumor: Palm Foleo to be released August 22nd

The Palm Foleo was originally announced this past May and although product details were given no release date was announced other than it was going to be available this summer. The Foleo is currently listed Palm’s website for $600 with a place to sign-up to be notified of release. According to some recent rumors the Foleo is expected to be available on Palm’s website and Palm’s retail stores on August 22nd with Best Buy and similar large retail stores expected to be selling the Foleo in November. Palm is going to be offering $100 rebates during the product launch.

The Foleo is an item that just does not seem to have a market, it should be interesting to see how long the Foleo will last once it is launched. With the $600 price tag it seems my money could be better spent with a cheap laptop.


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