Saturday, February 9, 2008

Compaq N400C wireless laptop only £179: Brilliant for students

Compaq N400C

I am looking for a laptop
for less than £200? This seems to be a question we get a lot of, so not
to disappoint we have found these laptops for only £179, yes only £179.
Ok the specs are not the best in the world but if you are a student these laptops are good enough for what you need them for.

The Compaq N400c is an ultra portable laptop which is perfect for a student moving around campus. It has everything you need.

Compaq N400C wireless laptop main specs -

• Processor Intel Pentium III

• Clock Speed 850Mhz

• Hard disk drive capacity 20Gb

• 12.1″ XGA TFT 1024×768 resolution display

• Internal memory 512Mb

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